SIDE-BY-SIDE rentals

Machines are now available to rent by the day with discounts given for multiple days. Complete your rental directly with The Mountaineer Hotel front desk or online. Two different trail heads can be accessed from the hotel: Buffalo Mountain and Devil Anse. Pick-up and drop-off is conveniently located at the hotel and helmets and goggles are provided.


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The trail system is directly accessible from the Hotel. The trail system is more than 600 miles long and spans multiple counties in West Virginia; it is the second largest trail system in the world. It caters to ATVs, UTVs, and dirt bikes, and mountain bikers.

Trail permits can be purchased at the front desk of the Hotel or by visiting the official website. West Virginia residents pay $26.50 and non-residents pay $50.00, tax included. State ID must be presented at time of purchase to verify residency.



The Coal House is home to the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce and serves as the region’s tourism center. It was constructed in 1933 and is made of 65 tons of locally mined, bituminous coal. There is also a gift shop with items unique to the area.


Hatfield-McCoy Feud

This infamous feud lasted from 1863-1891 and involved two families - the West Virginian Hatfields and the McCoys from Kentucky. No other feud in history rivals that of the Hatfield & McCoys.


Elements of the feud include the Civil War, a dispute about stolen hogs, forbidden romance, and numerous killings, which culminated in the Battle of Grapevine Creek in January 1888. The battle was won by the McCoys, with many Hatfields captured and made to stand trial.

Today, important sites of the feud can be visited by driving. Some of these sites are the grave of Devil Anse, cabin where the hog trial was held, the spot where Johnse Hatfield and Roseanna McCoy first met and fell in love, and the home of Randolph McCoy.  



Geocaching is considered the world's largest treasure hunt, where people search for hidden objects by GPS coordinates given on a website. Williamson has hundreds upon hundreds of geocaching sites.

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