Convenient Parking for Hotel Guests


The Mountaineer Hotel parking garage can hold up to 30 vehicles and can accommodate trucks and trailers. This garage is free for vehicles belonging to overnight guests only, with spaces available on a first come, first served basis. Guests may park in any available spots that are not reserved spaces. Please do not park in the travel lane.

If there is no space in our garage, guests may park in the courthouse lot at 75 East 2nd Ave from Friday at 5pm to Monday at 7am. At other times, or in case that lot is full, the lot by Wilson Eye Care at 126 West 2nd Avenue can be utilized. These parking areas also allow for trucks and trailers.

Please remember the Mountaineer Hotel parking garage is free only for our guests and not for visitors of guests. The exit code is given in trust, and you are not to give the code to non-overnight guests. Free city parking lots are available nearby and non-hotel guests may arrange to pay for parking in our garage if space allows.